Aller Anfang ist Schwer

Translated:  All Beginnings are Difficult.  These words echo in my head, as Peter would say them frequently.  For those of you who don’t know me, Peter was my husband of almost 32 years who passed away in May 2012.  He learned German and English at the same time, his Oma spoke only German with him and he lived in Germany for many years (with his family for several years, and with me for the first nine years of our marriage).  Our son, Andrew was born there in 1987.  Our daughter Bailey was born shortly after we moved to NJ in 1990.  Germany has always been part of our lives.  I learned my love of children’s clothing while living in Europe.

Although I’m beginning to blog along with the launch of my Etsy shop, I’m certain I’ll be writing about more than just children’s clothing.  The last time I “blogged”, it was on a wonderful site called “Caring Bridge” and it was about Peter’s last year in his five year battle with kidney cancer.  It began as a means of disseminating information on his health to family and friends, but became part of my therapy and healing.

Peter was the love of my life; I miss him every minute of every day, and I carry him with me in my heart in whatever I do, wherever I go.  I know he is supporting me in this endeavor.  The name of my very small children’s clothing business shares the name of my blog:  Kimimila New York.  Kimimila is the Lakotah word for “butterfly”.  I’ll share more on my choice of name eventually.

I’ve been sewing almost my entire life.  I remember making an apron as a 4H project in the 3rd grade. I then moved on to a jumpsuit made of pink and green patterned kettle cloth.  Despite it’s many flaws, both technical and aesthetic, I thought it was amazing.  Fortunately my wonderful Mom was always there to save me from my OCD self, catching me before I lost too many tears ripping less than perfect seams.

I went on to major in (gulp) Home Economics at the University of Minnesota.  It has since been mercifully renamed the College of Design.  I studied Textiles and Clothing.  In the process of downsizing for our most recent move to our New York apartment, Peter adamantly insisted that I not throw away my dress form from my college days.  He had happy memories of me lugging across campus under my arm.

I’ve never worked professionally in my field.  Our move to Germany took me down another path, and I wound up a computer systems manager.  After relocating back to the U.S., I stayed at home with our kids.  But I was always sewing; clothes for work, costumes for Halloween and school theater.

Sewing for kids is something I’ve thought about for a while.  I’m filling a void.  I read a quote recently in a really wonderful article written by someone who lost their spouse to cancer.  They said that they have plenty of people to do things with, just no one to do nothing with.  This is my way of spending my “nothing” time.  I have my puppies with me (German Shepherd, Kerry and two Maltese, Lance and Tusker – more on them to follow), and my sewing machine.  I’m happy sewing and hope to donate a portion of my proceeds to children’s cancer research.  I’m looking into that now.

Aller Anfang ist schwer.  But not impossible.

Oh, I’m Cathy.  I hope you check back in again.

4 thoughts on “Aller Anfang ist Schwer

  1. Nancy Thompson says:

    Loved reading your thoughts and quotes. Your writings are always so thought provoking. You have missed your calling, you should be a writer!

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