Longyi Love

“Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.”
― Epictetus

The evening before last, we had the privilege of a front row seat for the mooring of our boat. Two excited children ran down the muddy river bank waving a white flag. They were followed by a woman carrying her baby in a longyi sling. The boys caught a line thrown out by the boat’s crew. After watching the crew secure the line with a wooden mallet and much jumping around, they made they way back up the embankment. Job done, they were presumably heading home.


Later that night we released balloons from the rear of the ship. Mine was, of course, for Peter. My dear friend, Shona, will especially appreciate that Peter’s balloon wouldn’t leave. Actually, the first two splashed down into the river. The third was a success and beautifully took flight into the night sky.



Yesterday we had a lesson on how to wear a longyi. I’m afraid we didn’t wear ours with even an ounce of the grace of the Burmese men and women. Very sweet Kay Thi giggled as she spotted my safety pins. “Oh, Cathy, you’re cheating!”, she said as she gently removed them, helped me tie my longyi and sent me off to dinner.


Perhaps Kimimila New York will open a longyi division…….

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